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The key idea of the company policy is to give an opportunity to each employee to feel respect, importance of his/her achievements for the company, partners and the society in the frames of warm atmosphere, interesting relations with colleagues in order that everyone can feel pride for the company: and its foals; high-quality and useful products, high service, business success and achievements, business ethics and management.
We offer competitive reward, its fair distribution according to the personal and team contribution for the achievement of key aims of the company; stability, reliability, social security, training, development together with the company, stimulating working atmosphere, corporate culture which inspires and award creativity, responsibility, positive attitude to life, encourages to support constantly qualitative level of implementation and ability to increase personal potential, encourages to accept and carry out new challenges.
We create a professional team which promotes cooperation, motivation of employees and the establishment of service standards.
"Aray" company encourages development and perfection of the employees, paying special attention to the necessity of their training.In our company, you will apply experience of the best experts.
More successful employees have wide opportunities for professional and career development in the company.



Coordination, mutual understanding, mutual assistance. We work for the general result. Head managers act as trainers in the team, and each member is responsible for his/her part of the game.


Each employee of our  company participates in the management process of the company and formation of its aims, understanding that only achievement of the goals of the company enables achievements of personal goals.
The company enables employees to study, improve professionally, so consequently each employee of our company fully develops his/her personal, intellectual and professional abilities. The company guarantees to employees  worthy material compensation according to results of their work. The company takes care of employee's health, their moral, ethic and social appearance.


The consumer is always in the center of attention of our work - our activity serves for interests of our consumers. The satisfaction of our consumers is our priority and serves as basis for gaining new positions in the market.
We are open and well-wishing to the consumer. Our relations are built on the concept of mutual respect. We are always ready to provide our consumers professional and personal help.


Our Partners help us to develop business. We are very grateful to them for this. Our business should not do harm to the businesses of the partners for any instances. We direct our efforts for the development of their business.