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In 1947, entrepreneur  Kenneth Wood founded Woodlau Industries, which was soon renamed Kenwood. In 1968, Kenneth Wood sold the company to Thorn Industries Ltd, but continued to work with him until his death in 1997. In 1989, Kenwood board bought the company from Thorn EMI in 1992 exposed the shares on the London Stock Exchange under the name Kenwood Appliances PLC.


LG was established  on  October 1, 1958. The main products of the company is the production of digital TVs, CD-ROM drives and DVD-ROM, monitors, computers, plasma screens, CRT Monitors and TVs, mobile communications.
Following the new trends of the digital era, LG Electronics rapidly expands and strengthens partnerships with leading global manufacturers in the field of new technologies or specific areas of production, setting the strategic context. First of all, the main purpose of the new strategic management in the digital age is necessary to always  be first in market innovations, while maintaining the highest quality products, in other words - the construction of an ideal industrial model.


The home appliances under the trademark POLARIS are produced by the international holding which basic line of activity is manufacture of home appliances of following directions: thermal equipment, small home appliances, water heaters, conditioners and climatic techniques, laser measuring tools. The trademark name is formed from the Latin name of a guiding star «Polaris Alpha» and it reflects the trademark’s concept: to create comfort and harmony in the modern house.


Princess Household Appliances BV, a Dutch company specializing in small  appliances, was established by its former owner Aad Uborgom (Aad Ouborg) in 1994. Princess is a part of "Tristar Group» (Tristar Group), which on a global scale, engaged in intelligent devices for use at home and outside.  "Tristar Group", together with the brands Tristar and Princess, offers attractive, affordable smart devices which want to buy everyone.


For the past 15 years Scarlett offers modern, high-quality and affordable appliances to its customers. By using effective solutions and innovative technology Scarlett products attract millions of consumers in Russia, the Baltic States, CIS and Eastern Europe countries.


For more than 60 years Smeg strongly takes the lead position on manufacture of home appliances. The success of the company is based on high quality products and  perfection and unique design of devices. "Technologies and style" is the motto of the company proven by the release of new production, creation of new unique projects daily, development of innovative ideas.
Technique it is elegancy, exclusive design development, high-quality production , and equating to world famous standard: "Made in Italy".
Smeg products are the elegant,developed by exclusive design,high quality products that satisfy “Made in Italy”world famous standards. 

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